Increase your financial analysis capacity and improve accounting control of your company

Financial and accounting management program, which allows you to integrate all the departments of your business in a single system. Save time and money by having the different financial statements with updated reports. Multi currency and multi company software.



General Accounting

Reflects the accounting of one or several companies, easy and safe management of accounting accounts related to the financial transaction of the company.

Bank control

Allows strict control over the balance of bank accounts and registered documents.

Accounts receivable

Allows a control of balances by clients and a control over total amounts, taxes, discounts and interests by means of dates, as well as flexibility in the definition of accounting accounts for the generation of the accounting entry; either from the category or country of origin of the client.

Debts to pay

Manages all information related to a company's suppliers, unpaid documents and the way to pay-off these debts.

Fixed assets

It will allow you to have information about the location of the assets, the cost centers in which the depreciation and revaluation items are charged, the responsibles, the supplier and the information necessary for their administrative control.

Petty Box

The administration of several petty boxes, installed together with the basic information for each one of them, in addition to executing various verifications during the operation.

Financial Budget

It is an useful tool for the financial and operational control of the company because of the facilities that have comparing between the approved budget, and the actual results extracted from general accounting.

Cash flow

Allows the company to have a more detailed control of cash movements performing analyses on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. In the same way, the user will be able to manage the projected flow by indicating the level of cash they have to meet the needs of the business activity.

Contact us and let's talk about your project!

Contact us and let's talk about your project!


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