Automate your payroll processing and avoid calculation mistakes

Our system speeds up the loading and analysis of staff actions (arrivals, departures, schedule compliance, special permissions, inabilities, settlements, etc.) makes easier the calculation of taxes or deductions, as well as overtime payments, bonuses or commissions. We generate in a naturally and quickly way reports for government social security entities.


Payroll management

This is in charge of the efficient and safe handling of the payroll or spreadsheets of the company, and is also in charge of registering the corresponding entries in the Accounting Module.

Attendance control

The module allows you to easily load input and output marks from flat files. It gives you the possibility of having a virtual marker clock from the application itself, the processing of entry and exit marks with the rules of each country and type of time to calculate and determine payment hours.

People Portal

Allows company collaborators to interact with the system through a web interface, where they can verify their personal information, vacations, salaries, deductions, assigned assets and changes to their file.

Human capital

It is a comprehensive talent management software that allows generating greater value in organizations through people.

Contact us and let's talk about your project!

Contact us and let's talk about your project!


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